Most people in America, over 70 percent say we as a nation are going in the wrong direction. When you’re going in the wrong direction, you have to go back and find out when we started going in the wrong direction. If you are driving in a car and you miss a turn and end up going in the wrong direction, you have to go back to the place where you missed the turn to get back on track.The America I was brought up in doesn’t exist anymore, and it’s because we have made a wrong turn. When did we make this wrong turn? You will find out by reading this book. I have written a book on movies that has a lot of truth in it. Our country was built on many of these truths found in these movies. They were our roots but our country has been cut off from her roots. Many of our young people do not even know our roots as a nation. If I took them back in time to when I was brought up, they would be surprised at how safe children and people were in America.I knew of a time when you could keep your keys in your car without the fear of stealing, a time when you could keep your doors unlocked at night, and when children could play outside without the fear of strangers taking them. Those days are long gone. I don’t think our country will change because it is too far gone from its roots, but I do believe individuals can change, and it’s by finding truth. Remember the words of Jesus, “The truth will make you free.” You will find truth and freedom in this book just by reading about movies.

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