Новинки каталога

A picture dictionary is ideal for introducing young children to books at a very early stage in their education. Children can "read" picture dictionaries without knowing how to read or write any words at all - either in their own language or English. Children can also compare their experience of the world with the wider world illustrated in the dictionary. This illustrated dictionary contains almost 600 words chosen for their high frequency value and their appeal to young learners of English. The dictionary is split into two sections: an alphabetical wordlist containing almost all the words included in the dictionary; and theme pages, which introduce related words in context. More then two-thirds of the words listed in the dictionary are also illustrated in the theme pages. The book also includes detailed teaching notes and suggestions for practice activities, including tasks for children who have already begun to master the skills of reading and writing.

Сервис обеспечивает возможность приобрести picture dictionary без высокой накрутки — по самым лучшим в интернете расценкам. Заказать товар с этим названием по-дешевке желают многие, между тем цена picture dictionary в этом списке берет начало от 250 рублей. Эта выборка предлагает 4 продавцов товара и вот итоговый список: bookvoed.ru, labirint.ru, chitai-gorod.ru, aliexpress.ru