Rivers in the Landscape: Science and Management offers a comprehensive and accessible overview of the current state of knowledge for river process and form, taking a holistic approach to the subject with coverage of integrated river science and management in practice. The processes and forms present in channelized surface flow–rivers–are systematically explored in this book to • emphasize the connectivity between rivers and the greater landscape by explicitly considering the interactions between rivers and tectonics, climate, biota, and human activities; • provide a concise summary of the current state of knowledge for physical process and form in rivers; • reflect the diversity of river environments, from mountainous, headwater channels to large, lowland, floodplain rivers and from the arctic to the tropics; • reflect the diverse methods that scientists use to characterize and understand river process and form, including remote sensing, field measurements, physical experiments, and numerical simulations; • reflect the increasing emphasis on quantification in fluvial geomorphology and the study of Earth surfaces in general; • provide both an introduction to the classic, foundational papers on each topic, and a guide to the latest, particularly insightful and integrative references. Aimed at advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals looking for a concise summary of physical aspects of rivers, this book emphasizes general principles and conceptual models, as well as concrete examples of each topic drawn from the extensive literature on river process and form.

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