LED lighting has a promising future in consumer markets. Many researchers have conducted researches to improve the LED driver efficiencies. In this book, a computer model of a high efficiency resonant power LED driver is developed. The LED driver circuit is constructed and simulated at 20 kHz to 35 kHz of switching frequencies of the MOSFET. The OrCAD 16.2 is used as simulation software. The computer simulations show that the efficiency of the resonant power LED driver is considerably higher compare to that of conventional LED resistive drivers. The MOSFET used in the LED driver circuit has three different models: MOSFET SPICE level 1, level 3 and commercial MOSFET SPICE model (IRF6668). The output power of the LED driver is controlled by the switching frequencies of the MOSFETs and the simulation results suggest that the power resonant LED driver with commercial MOSFET can achieve up to 90% overall system efficiency.

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