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Want to start your own business, but aren't sure which one to start? Want to find a business that's right for you—for your interests, skills, and goals—that will also be successful?America's foremost small-business advice guru Rhonda Abrams offers readers seven steps to identifying the right business for them, from determining their entrepreneurial type with the E-Type™ test, to exploring a wide range of business options, including 23 in-depth analyses and a listing of 450 hand-picked businesses ideal for new entrepreneurs. This book is packed with worksheets, resources, and insights from the author's rich experience in this field. Abrams's engaging, upbeat style offers inspiration as well as a step-by-step plan to help would-be entrepreneurs find the business of their dreams. From the Publisher Millions of people dream about owning their own business—most never do. This book helps you become one of the fortunate ones who succeeds! Highlights if this book include:·         Listing of 463 hand-picked businesses ideal for new entrepreneurs·         In-depth info on which businesses make money·         Helps you define your aspirations, expectations, and financial goals for your new business·         Learn how others have been successful, part-time or full-time·         Comprehensive descriptions of E-Types and the best businesses for each·         Learn the secrets to increasing your chance of success·         Identify your niche and learn how it will make you more money·         With a Foreword by Scott Cook, founder of Intuit, makers of Quickbooks!

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