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Drafting and Revising Contracts – An Introduction to Drafting in Plain English and Revising Complex Form Documents, authored by Ben L. Fernandez is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about drafting contracts from scratch and revising complex form agreements. Ben L. Fernandez currently teaches a course on Legal Drafting to students at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. In this book, you will learn the principles taught in this course, and more.This latest book on the topic of drafting and revising contracts provides the reader with substantial insight into the contract drafting process. The reader will learn different techniques for drafting easily readable and understandable contracts, including how to draft covenants, rights, prohibitions and descriptive statements, as well as background sections, definitions, representations and warranties, core covenants, deal terms and “boilerplate” provisions. In addition, Prof. Fernandez teaches how to work with complex form agreements, including completing form documents for a deal, creating new forms for different circumstances and revising documents for the other side. Important topics like negotiating contract provisions, closing a deal, handling ethical issues, drafting contract amendments, and computer assisted contract drafting are covered as well. Author Ben L. Fernandez takes the time throughout his book to not only explain how to draft and revise contracts, but also to carefully explain why the d...

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