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Boo Walker has returned to wine country for the sequel to his powerful, best-selling novel, Red Mountain. Join four wildly colorful characters as they search for life, love, and meaning in a tiny wine-growing region in the desert of eastern Washington State.Otis Till, the grapefather of Red Mountain, has regained his senses of smell and sight, but his vision of what Red Mountain should be is now threatened by a greedy landowner. Margot Pierce has finally opened her French inn, but as her son leaves for college and her boyfriend says goodbye, she realizes how lonely her world could possibly become. Can she stomach the trials of going back on the dating market, even if that means finding him online? Brooks Baker’s engagement has fallen apart, so he's alone again, despite having reconnected with his biological family. Will he ever find real love on the mountain? Will having his family nearby deliver the fairy tale he’d hoped for? Adriana Hernandez has changed her name and escaped to Red Mountain with her young son to hide from their previous life in California. Can they find some sense of belonging here? Or will they have to run forever?Red Mountain Rising will drop you into the often-dysfunctional, small-town lives of farmers, chefs, winemakers, artists, and runaways as they do their best to push aside their differences with one another for the collective good of Red Mountain. Will their dissimilarities be too great to survive what’s coming? Told from four different perspec...