The streets of Atlanta had no idea what hit ‘em...until it was too late. Tiana brings her crew to Atlanta and the streets of ATL will never be the same again. By the time the streets realize what has happened, it’s too late. The New Yorkers encounter some resistance along the way, but it's nothing that they can't handle. They do what they normally do when it comes to obstacles...remove them. Lady Scarface thought everything was going great...and then, Tiana is arrested...for murder. On the streets, guns and death have solved all of her problems in the past, but her Desert Eagles won’t help her in the Atlanta City Detention Center, nor will they help her in the courtroom, where she is fighting for her life.Follow Tiana’s crew as they take over the streets of ATL and hang on to the edge of your seat to find out if she will overcome her greatest trial…literally.

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